Caffè – Concerto

The owners of Wunderbar Caffè love to give to every customers always something more. For this reason every night, during gorgeous sunsets, Maestro Giuseppe Ferrari will entertain you thanks to it’s sweet notes surrounding you with a magical atmosphere, also thanks to the amazing landscape that the main square (Piazza IX Aprile, location of Wunderbar Caffè) offers.


Every afternoon, during sunset music from our Maestro Giuseppe Ferrari will lead you into unique romantic moments, served with delicious cocktails & aperitifs.

After dinner, the entertain gets even more animated thanks to different bands playing and entertaining customers.






Samar Sax ( Mario for friends) eclectic saxophonist, plays, since 10 years, at Wunderbar Caffè. With it’s various performance and with his band entertains nights in Taormina’s main square. A true Showman attracting not only customers from the Wunderbar Caffè but also tourist passing by.

With Many years of experience, Samar has being playing also with famous international musicians which make him unique.

Usually XRM Band is composed by four elements and every night they alternate during evenings at Wunderbar Caffè.

Wunder Bar Caffe

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Piazza IX Aprile, 7 Taormina